Cloud-Native Applications (PaaS)

Today’s business needs to cope up with all the challenges to meet the needs of its customers. However, it becomes difficult for any infrastructure to survive in this software-driven market without cloud computing, possibly.
In the fast-paced digitalized world, every organization aims to change the way they design, build, and operate applications. And that’s why they rely on cloud-native applications as their solution.

What is a Cloud-Native Application?

These refer to those applications being born and operated on a cloud environment against the traditional ones. These applications aim to reduce the workforce at low cost and increase the work output with on-demand cloud services on a pay-as-you-go basis.

It helps you to gain all the additional qualities available on the cloud – higher speed, agility, scalability, adaptability, security and access from anywhere anytime.

It functions through the following elements:

  • Cloud-native applications work with the help of multiple services called microservices, which cooperate with each other to build one single image for the application.
  • These microservices are the building platforms of these applications and are stored in containers that help in easy deployment and scaling.
  • Each of these services uses its preferred language and framework which suits its operation.
  • They have their independent life-cycle all managed through agile DevOps processes. They work based on user feedback to satisfy the expectations of the user.

In one way, it is the process of modernizing your application delivery through Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). With the innovation of new ideas, all of these are available to every user on several platforms which ensures the business to compete in reality.

DNS consulting has successfully built a platform to address complex applications and identify the challenges clearly. With an approach of cloud-native applications, it helps organizations be at an advantage and develop and design with the help of PaaS solutions.